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Adult Probation

Welcome to the Adult Probation Department website. As officers of the Court of Common Pleas, our staff is charged with holding offenders accountable and providing services that will reduce recidivism and provide for a safer community.

The Department provides services to defendants whose cases are presided over by Judge Frank A. Fregiato and Judge John Vavra.

Services include.

  • Pre-Trial Supervision for Defendants who have posted or have been granted a recognizance bond
  • Intervention in lieu of Conviction for Defendants who have been placed into the Drug Court or the Mental Health & Recovery program.
  • Community Control (probation) for offenders who are convicted of felony offenses and placed on supervision
  • House Arrest & Electronic Monitoring for offenders who are ordered to submit to a GPS bracelet
  • Pre-Sentence Investigations for those ordered by the Court.
  • Community Service.¬† Offenders who are ordered to perform community service are transported and supervised by staff to pick up litter from county and township roads.¬† This venture is with the cooperation with the JB Green Team

The department is staffed by four full-time officers and three part-time community service staff.  Although they are employed by Belmont County, they are funded by grants secured from both the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction and Mental Health & Addiction Services.

In addition, offenders placed on supervision are charged a supervisory fee and this provides funds for the operation of the department.

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